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This powerful PC optimization tool will keep your PC running like new
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20 November 2015

PC Cleaner Platinum 4.1 review

PC Cleaner Platinum, keep your system running flawlessly with this safe and handy tool with features and capabilities.
This amazing tool is all you need to regain your system speed and performance. This tool is capable of dealing with common PC problems that leads to slowdown of your system or poses your data at risk from disk failure. This tool will effectively detect all the problems with your system in regard to system slow down, inadequate disk space messages, leftover files and history cookies, temporary file bloat, and much more. It is also useful for the: removing unwanted temporary and internet cookie files, removing hidden tracking files, optimizing the speed and performance of windows startup and shutdown speed, allows viewing programs attempting to launch at Windows startup and helps you in choosing which applications are allowed to load automatically, and so on.
Optimize and clean your system with this amazing tool compatible with your Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, 2008, 2003, Vista, and XP.

Publisher's description

Is your Windows PC or laptop running considerably slower now than it used to? Over time, even great operating systems like Windows 10 tend to become bogged down with temporary file bloat, leftover file remnants from past program installations, unused device connections, and more. This is exactly why we created PC Cleaner. With this powerful optimization software, you can safely restore your PC's natural performance. Manually locating and cleaning the multitude of hidden files that applications use to tuck away leftover files and history cookies is definitely not fun. PC Cleaner knows exactly where to locate and safely clean these files and settings without damaging your PC's critical file system. The result is dramatically improved Windows performance. PC Cleaner will also ensure your computing privacy. This software has specially-designed functionality to carefully remove unwanted temporary and internet cookie files used by websites to track your online activities and behaviour. PC Cleaner cleans these pervasive, often cleverly-hidden tracking files, removing them quickly and safely, helping to protect your privacy. In addition, this tool will boost windows startup and shutdown speed. Nearly every program you install these days wants to embed itself in your PC's startup routine, noticeably slowing your computer's boot up and shutdown time. PC Cleaner helps you visualize all of the programs attempting to launch at Windows startup and allows you to choose which applications are allowed to load automatically. Startup and Shutdown times can be improved dramatically when even a few unnecessary programs are removed from the startup routine. Your PC was designed to run clean, and now with PC Cleaner it can. Download a Quick Scan to give you an overview of the status of your PC today. Windows 7/8/10 supported.

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